DC-FZ1000M2 AM, what does M2 and AM mean?

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Re: DC-FZ1000M2 AM, what does M2 and AM mean?

Alex Ethridge wrote:

I've been out of touch with photography and the forums a little and looked up prices on the FZ1000 on e-bay today and saw some new terms (new to me), DC-FZ1000M2 AM.

I assume DC-FZ1000M2 means the same as DC-FZ1000 II.


AM, what is that?

I'd guess, as you did, that the "M2" is just another notation for mark ii, model ii, etc.

The "AM" suffix might be a regional variant, perhaps representing "American" or "Americas". Most or all camera manufacturers have subdivided their distribution and marketing into large regions, and at the very least the cameras probably have languages and menus appropriate to a particular region, not others (rather than being global/universal). You might be able to figure it out via model numbers listed for instruction manuals or firmware downloads on the manufacturer's global site. (EDIT: Easiest might be to just ask the seller. Do it by email, not phone, so you have some proof if it later turns out that they lied)

However, in some cases suffixes might be more than just camera menu languages. IIRC, a few years ago, a Panasonic camera marketed in N. America actually had some spec differences from one in Europe (I think in the EVF, I think one was OLED, the other not), and I don't know if they gave it a whole different model number, or just a suffix difference. Also, things like wireless capabilities might have to vary in different regions simply because slightly different frequency bands/channels might be used.

Even if the menu language is appropriate for you (i.e. American english being as usable for you as English english), you might still want to avoid cameras from outside your region, as the waranty is likely not to be recognized should you ever need to make a local claim for service.

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