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Re: I'm not a wedding photographer but...

Biggs23 wrote:

Michael Firstlight wrote:

By giving away this unfinished product a photographer gets hurt twice:

1. He will find poorly edited or unedited photos online under his name. Those could shine! But they don't. And his name is there as 'photographer'.

2. He has a certain style, much of which is applied in post-editing. You hired him for that style. Those unfinished raws don't have that.

Your point #1 is valid but the risk can be minimized by contract.

It can't, because the contract will not be adhered to, and there's no way to sue your clients without word getting out that you are 'that guy' who sues your clients.

Your point #2 is off-base - the only one hurt is the photographer's ego. I got all of the RAW files from my wedding shoot and applied MY style- far more to my liking as the client. I built my own printed book of my wedding after post-processing my way in my style - hundreds of frames. Fact is, there are a lot of clients with better post-processing skills than the hired photographer - a result of the democratizing of the craft.

I'm surprised you didn't ask the baker for the ingredients! After all, you have an oven!

Me thinks you need to get over yourself - you are living in the past (a bit ironic for me to say as I'm in my 60's with 50 years of experience). Every consumer DSLR can produce RAW files and anyone that can edit a JPEG can edit a RAW file using a slew of free and paid software. Editing RAW is not significantly more difficult than editing JPEGs - they can take edited JPEGs, further edit those and make them even worse - you can't lock down the files. Today's photographers are much better off selling the value of their post-processing skills and other benefits of having their images professionally processed.

If you don't want to change then there will be a dozen other competitors right behind you that will take your place and eat your lunch. The world is changing - change with it or perish.

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The one thing everyone can agree on is that film photography has its negatives. It even has its positives and internegatives.

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