Nikon P1000, blurry images

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Re: Nikon P1000, blurry images

Lars Rasmussen wrote:


I have now tried without filter, and I see no difference at all. I also use the same filter (other dia) on a lens I have for the D700/800, and had never noticed any issues with this.

I have shot a number of picture (60), with 5 pictures in series each time, and then I make a change in setup. Only 5 were with the filter and the rest without (I don't have a place where I can upload all those pictures, if needed).

Adding one picture (without filter) where Focus was set to Manual Normal, and focus point is in the middle of the screen. Maybe I have too high expectations to this camera, but I hope "old" P1000 owners can guide me here.

I belive i have the camera mounted firmly on the long Manfrotto plate, but do I need a support point between the camera lens enclosure, and the end of manfrotto plate to get needed stability for 3000mm zoom?

I initially thought that the softness was due to atmospheric effects, because the subject must be a few hundred feet away.  Turns out that the image sharpens nicely with Topaz Sharpen AI, and my experience is that Topaz works well with diffraction softness, but not atmospheric artifact.

(The algorithm is called "out of focus" but appears to work fine with diffraction softening also)

Processed Automatic "out of focus" settings in Topaz AI

The EVF is only about 2mpx, and everything looks great at 2mpx.

For the owl, I'd try setting ISO to 100 and see if the image is any better.  I know the P950 JPG engine applies a lot of NR at ISO 400 but haven't looked directly at the P1000.

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