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Re: Objet : Bague de zoom

Tontonge wrote:

Hello Lensmate,

Thank you for your answer and the links you are communicated. By listing the goal well I find that the rubber slicks scrubs on the edge.
I pushed the rubber ring toward the focal scale so as to have a space and it gives me more stupid and I do not feel hardness. Ci-Misel a photo of the goal with Comment Competition The Ring. I think the best would be to buy a new ring but does not have the store layout of this accessory.

Thank you for your will.


I have a similar problem with the focus ring of my Tamron 150-600. The rubber has stretched slightly so that it rubs against the body of the lens and makes manual focusing difficult. I had the rubber grips replaced under warranty a few years back, but they have expanded again to cause the same problem. The only temporary fix I can think of is to cut a small strip along the edge of your zoom ring with an X-Acto knife, and then remove that strip. This could eliminate the rubbing between the rubber and the lens body, assuming the rubber will stay in place. I haven't tried this (yet) so I don't know that it would actually help. I did find an (expensive) set of replacement rubber grips for the Tamron on eBay that I will probably use instead. Good luck!

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