most "future proof" new cameras you can buy right now .....

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Re: most "future proof" new cameras you can buy right now .....

sybersitizen wrote:


which cameras can you buy right now and not worry that in 5 months version "x" will be out and make your model obsolete ?

So five months is the horizon for the future?

for me its my Nikon D500 - probably the greatest and last sports/ action APSC SLR that will ever be made

I see SLR in that sentence, which is an important qualifier.

- its an "end game" camera that will always be desirable

Now you're talking always when you started with five months. And claiming that it will always be desirable is a pretty wild extrapolation.

Maybe "end game" suggests that no more such DSLRs like yours will be made, in which case you could have a point. Is that the meaning of future proofing to you? If so, I have a lot of future proof gear and have had it for a long time.

You do have a bit of a blind spot for figures of speech, don't you?

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