Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

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Re: Chip prices don't really matter....

dan_darkroom wrote:

lattesweden wrote:

What I meant with the question is if they can't get the new stuff out why don't they put money (like hiring more coders) to improve their existing products with improved software to gain new functions and by that make them more attractive on the market?

I too wish Sony would think like that. Or maybe spend some time and listen to users.

Honestly, I don't care if they can produce or not. I have a camera and I can use it. I guess all here a good camera already. It's the perfect time to look into the GAZ problem.

I agree that it isn't like we can't take any pictures. We have plenty of gear to choose from. And that is the thing, "to choose from". That means it doesn't have to be from Sony.

What drew me into Sony was the sensors. First an RX100 and later an A7RII. Both revolutionary products at their time and it was the sensor that did it. The RX100 was the first compact that got reviews that it could compete with system camera image quality and the A7RII was the worlds first BSI FF sensor. It is still at a shared 7th place at DXOmark of the best FF sensors ever made with 98 points vs the very best at 100.

A good sensor with good DR, low noise and good color and black and white gradients opens up a whole range of possibilities in photography.

The second thing that Sony did right was in 2017 when the A9 came, it contained the worlds first stacked FF sensor which enabled the fantastic autofocus. And it doesn't matter how sharp a lens is if it isn't in focus. This was the point when I went fully to Sony.

And third, Sony has always strived to make light gear that one takes along and don't leave at home since there it doesn't make any images at all.

At the time no one could compete on these areas.

In the early days, Sonys lenses was okey enough but not on Canons top level. Over the years the have improved a lot in this area. They had a period when they launched the first GM lenses and they where all rather heavy and that was a worrisome direction, but then something happened and they started to make both light and fantastic world class lenses.

When it comes to bodys Sony has never made them really good from an operations perspective. I shot m4/3 before and they are in many cases superior bodys to use. Not in all areas, Sony does do some things really good. Their biggest problem area is software. They where on the roll with the Playmemories apps but it is like the burned themselves and are afraid of invest there again.

And in the meantime Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Leica and Sigma launches more and more lenses and body options leveling out the lead Sony have had. And still they don't seem to ramp up their software functions development. We know that they can, the Xperia camera apps are looking rather nice, so surely they can lift the bodys and supporting software to better levels as well if they went for it.

There is a thread here at DPR that asks about what one would like in new functions, on the link is my answer, sadly the list has gotten longer and not shorter over the years:

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