Is the vivo X60 Pro+ actually any good

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Re: Is the vivo X60 Pro+ actually any good

I'm sceptical about destroy. Though I would certainly like it to.

Tested the 4a5G against S20+ and Xiomi Note 9. And felt it was better. For standard photos

The high res didn't really make much diff and the telephotos were average at best

I've also been watching a few head to head and the P4a5G holds its own against iP12Max and others. Most of time I prefer the results

That said, I am looking for decent tele and better video quality (esp panning). Don't take portraits, so the fake bokeh isn't of interest.

Fundamentally, it's texture and detail that's the key. And naturally rendered HDR landscapes.

So, I'm actually heavily leaning to the OnePlus9. It's had a number of SW upgrades on the cam app.

Thanks for all your thoughts

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