Pulled the Trigger on R6

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Re: Pulled the Trigger on R6

Look595Rider wrote:

I ordered my R6 today and will be selling off my 7DMkII and Eos R. I was vacillating between the R6 and R5, but just couldn't justify the extra expense as a hobbyist photographer. The almost $2000 savings (after CFExpress card) will be put towards a nice little vacation where I can take pics of the dog and kids with the R6. Maybe some will go toward the tele zoom I'll pick up.

I'm still not thrilled about giving up the resolution and cropability compared to the R, but 'll be fine I think. About 1/3 of my shots were with the 7D, so I'm really not experiencing a resolution drop there. I figure I gain more in autofocus and low light with the R6 versus the R than I lose. At least that's the calculus in my head.

I was fortunate that I could keep my 7D II and still get the R6.  I couldn't have swung the R5 unless I sold both my 7D II and 80D, and I didn't want to be left w/o a 2nd or backup body.  Other than for birding, I've been using the R6 for everything and I'm really liking it.  The AF is amazing.


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