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Re: Photo Competition Moral/Ethical Dilemma

mark25 wrote:

Hi everyone, I need your opinion on the following matter:

A certain photographic competition states a rule that the pictures to be submitted must be taken on 16 megapixel cameras and the photographer must provide full EXIF info.

The photographer who's willing to take part in the competition has some images that were taken with 16 megapixel cameras, no problem.

However, some of his most favorite/remarkable/best work was done on 12 megapixel cameras (Pro and mirror-less both)...

The photographer has the following question for you:

1) Is it ethical/moral if he prints the 12 MP photos and re-shoots them with a 16MP camera (this way the images will comply with the competition rules + the EXIF will also fit the rules)

2)Would this be considered "unfair" or plain "wrong" ?

Remember, he is the copyright/original/legal owner of the 12MP photos, he took them himself.

Looking forward to your answers.



What photographic competition insists on the use of 16 megapixel cameras, not more, not less?

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