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Re: Zurich.

IWBF wrote:


I live in Zurich and I think you did well. You were lucky with the weather as we had sooo much rain lately😉

Now I have some constructive criticism as well: You probably didn't know that, but in Switzerland you need the consent of people to take pictures of them, even in public places. To post pictures of people that are recognisable without expressed consent is in violation of our law. The waiter and the swan feeder seem fine with your actions, the lady with the umbrella and the passers by the Limmat not so much.

My advice for all travellers: Check this link to make sure it is OK to photograph people:


Thank you for the heads up. The link is very useful

It is certainly not my intention to go against local law or importunate people with my photography.

The only person I obtained authorization from was the guy feeding the swans.

I have locked my Zenfolio "Zurich" gallery and deleted the photos from DPReview.

Unfortunately, it seems they are cached somehow, regarding the linking to this thread, so they continue to appear, for the moment.

I would like to keep this thread alive as your observation and Wikipedia link can also be useful to others.

Or, and even better: Do not use tele lenses and talk to people and ask them for permission.

...Or even better: Don't go to Switzerland if you like street photography


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