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Alex Sarbu wrote:

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Alex Sarbu wrote:

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anware wrote:

Once you've removed the complexity of designing, manufacturing, assembling and aligning the mechanics of a mirror box mechanism, focus screen and pentaprism, the real question is - just why are mirrorless cameras so expensive?

You may be discounting the biggest cost; the human factor of paying the talent necessary to develop the processors, improve sensors, write the firmware, develop algorithms, etc. All manufacturers seem to be finding regions with inexpensive labor to manufacture and assemble parts in both DSLR and MILC, but you can’t put the engineering out to cheapest bid. How many years and hours of intellectual labor went into this new camera?
Conversely, one could see the real question as: why are DSLR still so expensive as we are basically tweaking designs and assembly procedures which have been in common use since the 1950’s? Every SLR/DSLR ever made has required aligning of mirror box, focus screen, and pentaprism.

DSLRs are every bit as difficult to make as a MILC, plus the mechanical complexity, plus the extra modules like PDAF, metering, in-lens AF support etc. (and minus the EVF).

Particularly the K-3iii is a completely new camera, not a "tweaking". IIRC the only components which were reused were the mount, the strap lugs and the hotshoe. Obviously, a DSLR has nothing in common with a 1950 camera.

At the same time, MILC makers are launching similar models with barely a difference between them.


I am not suggesting ease in manufacture of current DSLR. I am just amused by the dismissive attitude toward MILC development, which typically paints it as blind sheep misled by corporate profiteering motives.

The only dismissive attitude is in the article claiming that DSLRs should be cheaper because they're DSLRs and not MILCs.


Direct quote:

“Pentax put a lot of time and effort into making the K-3 Mark III, and it shows: it’s a huge leap in tech for a DSLR. But it’s still a DSLR in a mirrorless world, and that perception combined with a premium price might hold back Pentax’s latest $2,000 APS-C camera.”

I think we interpret that statement differently. I see it presenting three distinct factors that may affect acceptance of a great camera.

CIPA data would suggest that everywhere but in Europe the MILC accounts for the majority of sales in an increasing margin. I think the gap was narrowing even in Europe. That perception of shift in preference is wide spread. It will become increasinly difficult to find a review that does not raise that marketability issue.

His reference to price, in my read, is another factor that will limit sales. I interpret that as a specific impression on price rather than because it is just a DSLR. That sentiment on cost is prevalent in this very forum. As I am just retired, my feelings on what I can afford have changed.

I see the third factor in his statement as suggesting the APS-C format is less of a draw to those that would prefer the larger sensor of the K-1 series. Both of us fit in that camp.

Thanks for your input. Have a pleasant day.


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