Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

TN Args wrote:

Platographer wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

and it is starting to cost Sony. C'mon Sony, fix this.

I thought that was a good video, though I will stick with my A7Riv for now.

”For now”???? What are you suggesting? Surely you are not so gullible and pliable that you could be persuaded to change camera, and all that entails, on the basis of populist video channel airspace-filling chatter?

I'd gladly change brands on my next upgrade. Remove the sensor from Sony cameras, and have them have to use a third party sensor, and they'd be the last one of the pack now that the rest have great cameras with IBIS and a lot more functionality.

They removed PlayMemories too, which allowed many things that right now are imposible because Sony wanted us to NOT HAVE THEM. I only used the multi-shot ND and was very happy with it, because I avoid having additional glass and the problems NDs make.

It would be so easy for Sony to make a landscape photographer's dream camera based on the A7Riv without much, if any, added production expense. Just change base ISO to 50, allow 16-bit raw files, add focus bracketing with a way to combine focus and exposure bracketing, allow screen to tilt in portrait format like the Panasonic S1, add a timer to bulb shutter mode, allow longer shutter speeds that act like hybrid bulb in that they can be cancelled with a press of the shutter before terminating at the set time, allow composite view in bulb mode or long shutter speeds, and create pixel shift raw file in-camera. I assume this dream camera would have the higher resolution LCD that is on the new A7Riv.

Oh, the never ending dreamer’s “if only someone made the combination of the best of all models and the weakness of none” plea. You know what? The one you’ve got is the never-ending best-of-the-best dream of millions of photographers for decades.

We are customers of Sony, and you don't get to bash other customers voicing their needs. Who do you think you are?

Way beyond it, in fact.

No. As he states, no focus stacking, none of the many automations and things we could do if we had PlayMemories and the ability to make small programs for what we want.


or anyone

could absolutely dominate the full-frame landscape photography market with this common sense model. Unfortunately, I highly doubt they will.

Nor has anyone else so far. I wonder why?

If Sony Semiconductor was owned by Canon, Nikon, anyone else, they'd have dominated it already. Remove it and Sony goes to 10th position.

Instead, I anticipate that the Sony A7Rv will include few, if any, of these firmware and cheap hardware changes. Instead, we'll get something like autofocus in -.1 seconds. It's so fast that it focuses in the past. Lol.

Yep, we’ll get expensive engineering development instead of Nikon’s engineer-deficient focus on whatever’s cheapest. Poor us.

Can't think of a worst interface, ergonomics, clunky IU than the Sony. Cumbersome and tedious, that the only hope is mapping a huge number of buttons in dumb ways. I don't know of any UI or interface award by Sony, nor any praise. It gets praised for having hundreds of options and being one cumbersome way to map buttons so that things can be achieved for particular cases. That is fine, but it's a huge toll on most users, it's tiresome, and is nothing to be proud obout.

Even simple things, like rapidly being able to change Peaking, take at least 2 buttons, to be able to set None/Low/Mid/High. The RII and II were way better, requiring just one button in total. Goes to show they add more C buttons, but only make things more tedious - they have no clue about usability, or the impact it has on the photographer.

And sorry, we get to voice our frustrations with the equipment we own. Like a review, focus on making your own posts with your praise, instead of attacking those that share their concerns and needs.

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