Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

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Re: Lack of focus bracketing in Sony is getting noticed..

Platographer wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

Sony needs:

- in camera focus bracketing and stacking (RAW + JPEG)

- in camera picture profile bracketing (RAW + JPEG)

- in camera pixel shift high res shot (RAW + JPEG like Panasonic and Olympus)

- better IBIS (5.5 stops claims by Sony seem a bit unrealistic)

If Sony can fix these issues they will be truly industry leading.

Good thing most of these things are firmware fixes.

Bad news is the competition is Canon and Nikon, two of the most anti-innovation and anti progress photo companies around. Panasonic is leading in innovation, but they're too little of threat to push Sony to innovate.

I don't know if I agree with Panasonic leading in innovation. They still limit exposure bracketing to one stop apart.

In full frame world Panasonic has the best pixel shift high res implementation.

And their moiré correction software is on point, they're the only FF manufacturer putting out cameras without AA filters (S5 and S1), meanwhile everyone else (Canon, Nikon and Sony) have to rely on heavy duty AA filters.

Panasonic is clearly not perfect, but as photo cameras they're underrated.

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