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hobbit mob wrote:

brucet wrote:

Simple question - Has the pandemic and lockdowns/restrictions helped or hindered your photography?

For me it's less use of the camera but more use of the software and editing I've done while at home. Maybe the silver lining, for me at least, is a better understanding of the editing software I have.

I do mostly real estate photography. I do odds and ends portraits/headshots/events/etc and that all died off during covid, but real estate didn't ever really slow down. At the very beginning, when we thought shutdown would only be a few weeks, I didn't have any work, but after that it returned to some semblance of 'normal' (most properties I shoot are empty, so there weren't concerns of transmission, if it was lived in, they vacated the property while I was there and I wore a mask).

So i'd say it didn't really change my photography much, but in the same vein, I took the extra home time to learn video and start offering that as a service, so overall the quarantine helped my business (I'd been putting off learning video for years, finally bit the bullet when quarantine started).

Interesting.  I was in the same position.  Real estate was hot in Houston.

I considered learning video and drone photography.  It just seemed much like work, while still photography still seems like a light casual recreation.

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