Strobes are losing their appeal ...

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Re: Strobes are losing their appeal ...

Kumsa wrote:

I've had two conversations with KEH and MBP for selling a couple of very new Flashpoint/Godox ADXplor400Pro units (the trigger is for Pentax).

They aren't interested ... as in they won't even try and price the strobes.

Are you sure they were ever popular with them in the first place? I know MPB in the UK is a pretty barren place when it comes to just studio lighting, very limited selection and usually the wrong pricing (both ways).

I'm not complaining about them, I think it's more a reflection of how popular it's always been for them.

When I had a conversation with Kevin, at KEH, (a really smart guy) he explained that as the ISO capability has improved on modern sensors, strobes have become much less in demand.

My read is that a large segment of strobe applications were primarily for mixing with ambient light. New tech cameras have removed that need.

Have they? Godox seems to be doing better than ever selling their Witstro line and as this is one of the areas they're intended to cover doesn't that mean it's going better than ever in terms of end users?

I suspect it's more likely their aggressive pricing coupled with direct support from the likes of Adorama etc means there's fewer opportunities for places like KEH to get involved.

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