AD400Pro or 2xAD200Pro?

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Re: AD400Pro or 2xAD200Pro?

s-trap wrote:


I'd like to have lights for two cases:

1. Mobile studio: key light (with softbox), rim light and background light. Single person to small family portraits.

2. Outdoor: single light strong enough to use as a fill light with softbox during day. Similar portraits.

I think AD400Pro should be strong enough as a key light and outdoors, right? But I found there is a bracket to use two AD200Pros as a single light and I'm wondering if it would be good idea to use one AD200Pro as key, second as background and both of them outdoors?

I already have V860II which works quite well in single light studio setup but is slow to recharge in some situations. I hope I can use it as a rim light.

I guess if you put it like that then 2x AD200 plus V860 is the obvious answer, but...

If you find yourself using 2x AD200 in the B2 adapter bracket most of the time, then one AD400 is a much better solution. It's way less bulky and clumsy - a proper pro-grade strobe with a good modelling LED and cooling fan, that can take on pretty much anything I do outdoors or in the studio.

So, I would rather have one AD400 plus V1 speedlight than 2x AD200 and B2/S2 brackets, but maybe that's just me. So many great options with Godox. I have 2x AD400, AD200 plus a V1 and both brackets. TBH, the AD200 and V1 hardly get used, at least not on a regular basis.

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