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Paul_R_H wrote:

drummercam wrote:

The public opinion has enough info already. Certainly, Pentaxian have seen enough "reviews" and enough of the camera itself to know the K-3III story. I'm not waiting with bated breath for DPR or anyone else to test anything I've not already done myself and gathered from others. Any reviews now are just going to spin what's already known

I don't agree with drummercam (whose contributions here I very much respect) ,. . .

Best wishes


Well, Paul I certainly do thank you for saying that.  Thanks very much.

My point about AF would be that Pentaxians knew in their hearts that K-3III wasn't going to cover the AF gap in K-3III, the first major attack on the AF citadel, in spite of the hype.  It may indeed be lamentable, while valid technology factors we don't know about might mitigate the lament.  But most Pentax users aren't here for the AF.  We know the shortfall.  For me, AF isn't the dealbreaker that it seems to be for some.  YMMV.

Smallish Pentax once again mass produced a really good camera.  I think very little undercuts that.  
"Elegance of operation" -- Pentax
"Heavy for its size" -- DPR

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