Best pocketable point and shoot camera

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It really depends on the style shooting that you do...

If you can live with a somewhat wide field of view for everything that you take, then you get better image quality with the Fuji or the Ricoh, if a wide range of focal lengths is necessary then you'll have to live with a bit less image quality with something like  a Sony RX100 type camera.

With the right combo of body and lens, you could have a very small, if not exactly pocketable camera that would have the benefit of a short range zoom, but a larger sensor (and bit better IQ) than the RX100, if you were to go with m43. You'd have the additional benefit of being able to swap lenses and you could easily bring a smaller, but still fast prime for when you wanted that extra-wide aperture, or if you wanted to experiment going with a fixed focal length rig.

I know that it's possible to get a really nice range of different shots with just a fixed focal length, fixed lens type camera. I'm not sure though if I'm up to that so I don't really know if I'd be happy with something like the the Fuji or the Ricoh, as cool little cameras as I believe that they are. M43 is really compact enough that short of actually being pocketable, seems ideal for traveling. I can put my Pen F and a few nice lenses in a VERY small bag and when I want to go minimal, I can leave the bag and just cary the camera with a zoom on it... and hardly even be aware that I'm carrying anything, it's that small.

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