Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

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Jared: wrong comparison

Jared Hunter wrote:

Jim Rickards wrote:

Greg Henry wrote:

Well, you are paying for different things. The G500 take
incredibly good photos (I just bought one) and I was surprised at
how well it does. Still, it doesn't have all of the manual
controls the A1 has, the zoom range, ability to use filters, etc.
They are designed for two completely different groups of people,
really. Not sure it's fair to compare them.

Now, compare the G500 to others in it's category like the Canon A80
or 400... it buries them.


IMO, the G500 is like a newer Volvo station wagon against an older
sports car, the 7i. Under certain conditions, the wagon can bury
many a sports car. There is nothing more embarassing to a sports
car owner than being beat by a "soccermom" driving a supposed
family car.

There IS a point to such comparisons when it come to cameras.
Fundamentally, we are dealing with photography - getting the image.
The viewer of the image doesn't (and shouldn't) care about what
took the picture. The camera is only a tool and if it is designed
such that it aids the photographer in taking better pictures with
less effort, it should be applauded.

I've never agreed with the notion that one should apologize for the
poor performance of a camera by using the excuse that it is an
enthusiast "prosumer" model. Either your metering works or it
doesn't. There is nothing to be proud of with a camera that
requires a disproportionate amount of care and adjustment to turn
out a decent picture.

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Jared, if you are referring to my comparison remarks, they were in response to Jim C's post about comparing the 10D to the G500.

I just can't see a lot of people narrowing their choice in a camera down to those two cameras, and needing a comparison report.

Both are fine cameras, and yes, you can compare them, same as the Rolls and the Yugo. (Yugo wins on economy and ease of parking for example) But as I asked in my first post, why compare them? They are not likely to be side by side on anyone's short list.

Jim Rickards

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