First "warning" from my HD backup

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Sean Nelson
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Re: First "warning" from my HD backup

JahnG wrote:

BTW my current USB HD:s are 2 TB, but I see there are now 4 TB HD:s (at Amazon) for a good price. Do you see any disadvantage going over to 4 TB disks instead of my current 2 TB disks for backup?

Sorry, forgot to answer this question...

I like larger backup drives because they let me keep more backup cycles.  If I ever get caught by a ransomware attack I need to go to a backup that was made before the system was infected, and that could be a month or more in the past.

I use 4TB drives for my backups in pairs for weekly and for monthly offsite backups, and that lets me keep backups of my active data for up to a year.  So my vote would be for the larger drives.

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