My PC keeps powering off?..wont stay on

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Re: My PC keeps powering off?..wont stay on

skyglider wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

The problem Powers on...and after maybe 20- 30 seconds, it powers off...sometimes restarting on it;s own.

I tried removing all connections except monitor and power supply.

Ever disconnected hard drive. (CD Drive was still connected, though)

Fans turn on, CPU fan not loose..checked connections.

Cleaned out all dust a month before problem started. Still clean.

Even took out some RAM (4 chips) down to only one. Same problem.

Tried a different power supply (old used one, but same type and wattage)

Same problem. Starts , but wont run more than a minute.

Seems not an OS problem , as I have both Win 10 on SSD and Win 7 on HDD.

But disconnected both, and still PC wont stay running.

PC does not stay on..not long enough to get to windows screen.

Any help appreciated.

My experience is those symptoms is a bad motherboard more often than not. I've spent many, many hours troubleshooting those symptoms and almost always it ended up being a bad motherboard. Though it was a bad graphics card one time as I recall.

The CPU hardly ever fails. Personally, I've never experienced a bad CPU. In fact when my Dell PC's motherboard died, I bought a MSI motherboard that was compatible with the CPU (i7-6700) and ram. I'm using that combo now as I type this.


+1, I'll also bet on an electrical problem in the motherboard. You already discarded the PSU and overheating problems. Look for an electronics technician.

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