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jfriend00 wrote:

myotisone wrote:

With many users of Capture One, its still primarily a raw processor to prepare a file for Photoshop, so unless the new processing engine is giving improved demosaicing, and you cameras are still supported, there isn't a lot of point of upgrading for new features.

And, there are people like me that can finish 98% of their images in Capture One with no need to go to a pixel editor at all because it allows me to do so much more than I was able to do in LR. So, Capture One allows me to finish even more images without going to a 2nd program which I find to be a huge advantage. And, if I do go to a pixel editor, I go to Affinity Photo.

Agreed!  Until recently, I used ON1 Photo RAW as an all-purpose raw converter/editor and very rarely felt the need to open Photoshop. The same is true of Capture One, and I prefer its tools, workflow and results to ON1’s. The browser and catalog are also vastly superior.

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