Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

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Re: Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

Dennis wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

No worries. It was caused from chemotherapy treatments during most of 2016. The doctors told me what would happen before we started. They also said 93% of people recover within 18 months after final treatment. I was in that unlucky 7%.

I wonder sometimes if that's a made up stat and 25% of people end up in the unlucky x%! My wife has had nerve problems for a while that were misdiagnosed and finally determined to be due to lyme's disease. After 4 weeks of one antibiotic and halfway into a second, there's been no real change. It keeps her from walking/standing a lot. Fingers crossed that she's not in the unluck x%.

I tend to be rather biased (gullible?). I spent almost my entire career working in the medical field. I worked with doctors of every speciality. I knew the ones that were at the top of their game, and those that were at the bottom. I knew who I could trust to tell me the truth whether it was what I wanted to hear or not. I always got the same level of respect from them. As such, when I was given information, I knew it was with the most truth known medically. Obviously, knowledge of medicine is a constantly growing subject. What we believe today is maybe not what we know to be factual in another year. I have never doubted the information I was told in my process of fighting cancer.

I'm sorry to hear about you wife's problems. Lyme disease is one of those ailments that is often not diagnosed as quickly as you would hope. The symptoms can fool a doctor into going down the wrong path initially. While the treatment is not too long (weeks), the cure can take months to achieve. I hope she will start to get relief soon.

It's been my pleasure. BTW, I had a quick look at your smugmug postings. Very nice. I'm a fan of anything shot at Yellowstone. It's my favorite place I've been in the U.S. The far northeastern states are on my bucket list, but I can't imagine anything topping Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Thank you. Those Yellowstone shots are slide scans taken some time before my first DSLR (late 90s or early 2000s). I'd love to get back there. The vistas are amazing. Here in the northeast, long views are rare and when you do find them, they typically have buildings, utility wires, etc. There are exceptions in some parks, and more "intimate" lansdscapes can be found, but the real treasure here in the northeast is found by embracing the buildings and roads and bridges and trains and boats and billboards, etc.

Nice photos endure time. No matter the media, the basics of photography stand. Composition, perspective and lighting make a photo stand out amongst others. You certainly have some that grab attention.

- Dennis
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