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Re: PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

drummercam wrote:

The public opinion has enough info already. Certainly, Pentaxian have seen enough "reviews" and enough of the camera itself to know the K-3III story. I'm not waiting with bated breath for DPR or anyone else to test anything I've not already done myself and gathered from others. Any reviews now are just going to spin what's already known

Hmmm, I don't really agree. There has been no review (that I've seen) which compares the C-AF of the K3-iii with that of common rivals, or a known standard.

And C-AF is my reason to upgrade or not - the image quality of my K3 ii is fine for me.

I know most people here dislike the DPR bicycle test, but I suspect that might be because Pentax bodies do badly at it. It's one of the few attempts by any major reviewing site to standardise an AF test.

The basic resolution and image quality of digital cameras reached the 'good enough' stage years ago, yet it's common for reviews to peer at grass and feathers shot in near-darkness to see if they can spot a difference between cameras. And the fact they often disagree shows there's too little difference to bother with.

Whereas underperforming C-AF has been the major cause of failed images for me for, well, ever.

I'd like to know whether the K3-ii solves the problem before I throw another £2000 in Pentax's direction.

You might say 'Well if you want an action camera you should have bought a Nikon or Sony' and you'd be right. Except I have a pile of Pentax lenses, so switching systems would be a £6000 matter. If I could solve the problem by a new £2000 Pentax I'd be happy.

But no review with a standardised test has yet demonstrated whether or not the K3 ii is a solid enough improvement. So I don't agree with drummercam (whose contributions here I very much respect) that "Any reviews now are just going to spin what's already known".

I'd be super-grateful if one of you guys could do a bicycle test with a K3 or K3 ii, and a K3 iii – ideally using a quick-focusing lens like the 55-300PLM or one of the new 70-200s. Make it hard enough that k3 ii scores a high failure rate, then see what the K3 iii can do.

But honestly I don't want to cause you to go to that sort of trouble. The reviewing sites should be doing it. DPR hasn't done it. Even Pentaxforums hasn't reviewed one yet. Does anyone know why the delay?

Best wishes


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