D850 r73 error?

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Re: D850 r73 error?

JustEd wrote:

Nevermind. Dead battery, or not enough juice in the one I had in there. It lit the lcd panel just fine though. That’s what was thrown me off. Never again will I leave without backups.

Sorry to hear of your problem.  With my 4 Nikon DSLRs (one of which is a D850) I always make sure the night before a shoot I check the battery level - and I do not look at the LCD top window.  I check the battery info from the menu.  If I need to I top the battery up to 100% but I always make sure I carry a spare in my bag.  When I go sports shooting with 2 cameras I take 2 spares.  For me it's a routine that works very well.

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