Pro Photographers - Photoshoot Workflow and Aspect Ratios

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Re: Shoot loosely

Hey Mark,

Thanks for your input, appreciate it. 
While I understand shooting loosely, I guess my main thing is why pro photographers teaching their sessions don’t seem to display that.  I’m not questioning their motives/expertise, rather just curious as to what their thought process is when undergoing an actual shoot w/ a client.   I’ve watched so many tutorials/workshops, where there is very little headroom/space between their model that makes me wonder where crop ratio is considered or if that’s just the way the shoot and just use the 3:2 aspect ratio to deliver the photos to their clients.

Some examples of photographers I’ve noticed do this are Daniel Norton, Lindsay Adler, Vanessa Joy, etc… Not putting any shame, as these are photographers I look up to, I just want to understand their thought process!  Haha.

It’s as if they just go for the composition in camera without worrying about the aspect ratio/where the photos will be used (not necessarily saying that they don’t).  While these may be just demos and more focusing on the other aspects such as lighting/posing etc… it makes me wonder what other aspects they consider during their shoot.  I’m sure they take all into consideration.

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