Assorted Retouched Flowers

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Brev00 wrote:

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

charlyw64 wrote:

Nice flowers but IMHO your edit looks as if you went way over the top. If you were a musician you’d have the amp turned to 100 and enabled all distortions available whereas a 25 and no distortions would have been called for…

They are no meant to look real Charly - that's what the original macro shots are for with macro style retouching.

These are put the the brush stroke wringer and other functions to give more painted than photographic look.

I agree with charly. Even given your painterly intention, the saturation, brightness, and structure are too much for me. One can say a painting as well as a photograph is over the top. That is my impression. I would dial it back as charly suggesed, but, if this matches your vision, you have to do you. Painters and photographers work in the style of their choice after all.

Questions about the noise. Is it noise added in post in order to achieve the look you want? Or was it part of the original file? Or a result of sharpening?

PS doesn't really do brush strokes like a dedicated software pack where one can get the real deal look and I cannot paint so we are relegated to the PS Filter Gallery, in these there  is  some crosshatch and others I cannot remember filter in there too.

On the noise , some is native, HDR adds significant amounts , brush stroke filters add more, sharpening adds it's own peculiar variety , blend modes change the appearance so there many sources of noise  far and wide, seven or more for sure.

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