1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

robgendreau wrote:

The “pay upfront” fallacy

Interestingly enough, the way we pay for software hasn’t caught up to that rather drastic change in development yet. We still pay for the product at the time of its release, meaning we’re still paying for its past development cost. However, we now expect the product to magically evolve over time, via downloadable updates, without a need to constantly pay for new versions.

It’s both a fallacy to think that (1) we don’t have to keep paying on an ongoing basis for the software we use and that (2) everybody expects software to keep evolving without any extra payment.

This might sound like a contradiction but the key is that not all software is ‘created equal’. Some are written once and still run fine ten years later (Notational Velocity is an example, its last update was more than ten years ago and it still works in Big Sur, though you have to bypass Gatekeeper for it). On iOS, apps don’t tend to last that long but I am still regularly using an app last updated in 2015.

Others not only need updates to keep running after OS updates but also could be ‘fatal’ if not continuously updated (you’d want your backup app to be actively tested against all new OS versions). Apps with a web component tend to fall more into this category, as does software with a security aspect. The standalone version of 1Password conveniently outsources the daily cloud component to Dropbox or iCloud (and if you don’t use the fill-in feature, it also doesn’t have to keep up with browser development). But other things like the Watchtower feature might need client updates to keep working and it is not an app you want to have fail, corrupt data or not be updated if at some point a security vulnerability is discovered.

Look, I am happy to regularly pay for apps that are critical for my day-to-day usage and/or that I really like (which includes paying for updates that I don’t actually need but I want to reward the developer for a great app and help to keep the app alive). But other types of apps I just keep using until they ‘fall apart’ (ie, stop working) and when that happens I either buy a newer version of the app (if available) or find another app that can fulfil the same task.

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