Canon R6 vs Olympus - my experience

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Re: Canon R6 vs Olympus - my experience

Ahgre wrote:

Oly did a great marketing to promote their high end glasses from the 3/4 days

and they are great, but Canon always did a better job.

The major (and critical) downside to canon lenses are that they are jokingly expensive, especially their new RF L lenses.

Canon has not been predictable with their lenses; even the expensive L lenses have had some dud designs. In general, the consumer Canon lenses are not worth owning (but they are reasonably light weight), but (ignoring a few bad designs) the L lenses are very good, and fairly affordable.

In general, the consumer Oly lenses are very compact and a good match for m43 for that reason, and the "pro" 🤣 Oly lenses are heavy, expensive, but very good.

If you like small and light, Oly m43 does pretty well. If you like 35mm and affordable, Canon does pretty well. Hard to complain about either. Canon APS-C? Not so much.

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