Would you reject these challenge photos?

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Re: Would you reject these challenge photos?

tony field wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

(Not necessarily for the OP.). What is the ratio between the f/16 rule, and the rate at which the propeller turns?

The same ratio when you were shooting the hundred metre Sprinter at the Olympics

Where does shutter speed exhaust its capabilities?

Only after shooting a long day of photography

The nerve of you rusing my legitimate lesson on exposure, besides, do you think these folks care which direction smoke flows from an electric train?

The only reason I captured these perfessionals is cuz they both stepped out of Mercedes Benz. My aunts, bless their souls, well, two of seven, used to call them "high waters." Ok, now try looking at the train. In the time needed for these few words, the Chama/Toltec whizzed by. You should make this your destination, Tony. You won't regret it, just drive up on a . . . . Volkswagen Beetle.


Imagine the capture with a stereoscopic camera, a la Timothy O'Sullivan, 1873.  Yep, he was here, and that's when this train made a dyke in my neck of the woods, and which dyke stayed without iron and trains.

There's no such thing as a "long day of photography."  IMHO; 

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