4/3 Oly 50mm f2 Macro vs Pana 45mm f2.8 Macro

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Re: 4/3 Oly 50mm f2 Macro vs Pana 45mm f2.8 Macro

cornellra wrote:

hello all

hopefully this is less contentious that some of the more active threads I have seen. I was debating about getting a Panasonic 45mm 2.8 Macro to replace my adapted Oly zuiko 50mm f2 macro. Recognizing that the O50 is recognized as a great lens, trying to figure out how to improve carrying weight and optimization of my kit. Currently have EM1.1, EM5.3 and E-PM2.

Anyone have good experiences with using the P45 2.8 on an oly body? I am sure the body does not matter all that much outside of CA/PF management but wanted to get some thoughts as i have not ever used the P45. Part of my reasoning of also going with this FL is the flexibility of some portrait work, of which for me, works the best (e.g. m43 42-50mm, or 85-100mm in 35mm terms) I have also not liked the 30, and 60mm lengths as I also want to use them as general purpose every so often and for me just does not work.

thoughts all on the PL? other than it is expensive relative to other lenses on the platform?

I have the Pleica 45mm f2.8, and it is a wonderful lens. For macro work. I am hard-pressed to explain why I like the lens, since it seems to fail in every measurebation category, but the pictures that mine produces are almost all ridiculously better than the photographer supposedly responsible for them.

I took it on a recent trip (camping across 12 states) with the Oly EM5iii, but I did not end up using it, despite a strong desire to do so and lots of willing (both inanimate and animate) subjects.

However, with the Oly body, I'd suggest first looking at the Oly lens options, since (as someone mentioned) some Oly features may require the Oly lenses.

If you want some examples with the Pleica 45mm on the EM5iii, let me know, and I will create some 😊

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