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Jsake wrote:

this is the the sensor many speculate will be in the GH6. looks like it will be stacked, back side illuminated, capable of HD at 400FPS, and have phase detect AF….

i cant see a scenario where it isn't £3k.

could we see a scenario where MFT becomes the expensive niche?

There's nothing inherently expensive about the sensor. It mostly uses long-since-amortized 15 year old process technology, other than the BSI and stacking. I don't know how the BSI is built, since I never encountered it when I was involved in hardware, so I need to ask some old co-workers for the details, but the stacking was already prevalent in the areas that I was exposed to (e.g. HBM). In general, the cost per transistor has dropped pretty steadily over the last fifty years:

The main thing keeping sensor costs high for the newest sensors is the lack of competitors for Sony; it's easy to charge whatever you want to when there's only one supplier.

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