Pixel camera over rated ? (compared to Lumia 950XL)

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Re: Nicely put but I smell a rat !!

vaughanB wrote:

Halina123 wrote:

Rather than saying that the pixel is overrated, I would say that the Lumia 950XL has been underated.

Very nicely put and I agree, but I would go further and suggest that there was more to this than we may think

Microsoft put huge resources into a new OS and a huge range of devices for all pockets that threatened to take market share from two other giants, Google and Apple and they didnt like it

There was no real lack of apps in the early days, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, all the banking apps were all on board but still the reviewers talked of an "app gap", reviewers constantly cast doubt on the operating system and even DP review gave this great camera a luke warm review on this site when back then it was easily one of the best if not the best available

Not to mention that the 950 and 950XL had 2 stage dedicated shutter buttons,micro SD expandable memory and a user replaceable battery which is why my 950XL is still going strong and on its third battery, so they were great phones and the operating system had massive potential and needed far less resources than Android to run

I think it is a shame Microsoft couldnt break the Duopoly of Apple and Google because choice is good, and if Microsoft couldnt do it with their vast resources, nobody can

I would not let the 950XL go were it not for the software support being steadily withdrawn, its fast enough, nice to use and the camera is still great, just imagine what Microsoft/Nokia could have done with this system had it succeeded in the marketplace as I believe it should have

The other way of looking at Windows Phone OS is:

1 - Microsoft was late to the party when there were already two strong players. They had been early with a Windows Phone but that was the old stylus-style Windows.

2 - Microsoft came out late with their innovative touch OS. But then they went to a new major version which rearchitected the OS and threw out a lot of work that developers had done, since code had to be rewritten/restructured. This aggravated a group of developers that already were working on the third-tier phone OS.

In summary, Microsoft bungled Windows OS after Ballmer laughed at Apple and how expensive their phone was when the iPhone first came out. The rest is history. It's indeed a shame, as the camera hardware on the Lumia was excellent, but it was hobbled by Microsoft's ineptitude with their late phone OS.

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