Canon Eos 600 film - Blank frames...:(

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Re: Canon Eos 600 film - Blank frames...:(

Mister Jake wrote:

Hello, there fellow analog people!

My first question on DP review,
Just introduction you don't have to read!

Photographer for 20 years, started in Film actually,
shooting mostly film now, as a form of therapy
which I'm sure you all know
Photo-therapy if you'd like.

I shoot mostly Holga, and any cheap film camera I can find in drift stores,
found a Minolta point and shoot (Hi Matic AF2) ... 2€ half-broken lever,
but if functions and a joy to use.

and to my question!
I have also a Canon 600 film camera which I like,
the feeling of it is almost as Canon 5d/6d etc
I use it with modern lenses,
(50mm, 40mm, 35mm old version- I sold my digital canon gear and the expensive L lenses
Just left me the inexpensive ones for film Photography experiments)

It worked fine for one or two roles, and now I received the film from development, and only 11 shots came out, (I guess the rest completely blank) the frames that came out - half of them almost completely blank, ( you can see just a small strip in the bottom of the image which was exposed...

Any Ideas why?
I have a feeling that is because I shot in high Shutter Speed!
2000/s or so... maybe it can't shoot anymore in these speeds :(...
I think that the shots that were shot in lower shutter speeds turned out alright...
125/s 250/s

did anyone here had a similar experience?

mister___jake on Instagram!
Just Holga
New account!

Had the same problem with that camera, there was goo on the shutter. Now I have a EOS 300V instead no problem. The easiest thing is to upgrade to a newer model.

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