PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

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anware wrote:

Once you've removed the complexity of designing, manufacturing, assembling and aligning the mechanics of a mirror box mechanism, focus screen and pentaprism, the real question is - just why are mirrorless cameras so expensive?

I suspect it's 3 fold:

1. ILC markets are declining, so costs will stay up because there are less buyers

2. Manufacturing costs likely higher for some of the components because it's new technology

3. Engineering / software development costs are higher because of the new technology

I'm continuously amazed that people want prices of ILCs to keep coming down.  Why would they?  Price of laptops hasn't come down.  Price of phones hasn't come down.  Price of most consumer electronics never really comes down.  Oh, and price of cars keeps going up too.  Why do you expect the pricing of an ILC camera to behave differently?

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