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Re: A trip to the museum

André BARELIER wrote:

rich_cx139 wrote:

Fascinating photos André as usual. I had refrained from replying because I know nothing about art at all.

The Origami ones make you want to visit that museum and look at them "in the flesh"

Thank you Rich,

I don't know much either, but it doesn't matter. You can like or dislike certain works, even if you know nothing about them.

On the other hand, some works require a minimum of information to be appreciated.

For example these are two faces, by a painter called Jawlensky. I find them fascinating, especially the second. But there was maybe 50 paintings of faces by this painter in the exhibition, and it's the evolution which is interesting: how far can we go to represent a face?

I understand that one can find this totally uninteresting.

The Origami trees is a temporary exhibition. Hurry up, if you want to see these trees in the flesh!

I like both of these - thanks for posting them. My immediate thought on the first one was "face" before I read your comments, but didn't see the second one that way until reading your note but now it jumps out at me as well.

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