Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

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Re: Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

Dennis wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

I had the RX10 III before the IV. A lot of people complained of the focus on the long end. That wasn't my chief complaint. The focus on a moving subject was abysmal.

True - I don't bother trying to use continuous AF on it. Around the house (backyard wildlife & birds) I try to use the D7500 and Sigma 100-400. AF is certainly better and the IQ is just a bit better. But if I can't get to it in time (I keep the RX10 handy on the kitchen table) or if I'm traveling light, the RX10 still gets me nice photos. I've toyed with the idea of throwing in the towel, getting rid of all longer lenses and just using the RX10 alongside a bigger sensor camera with just a couple short lenses. Before my daughter went off to college, I shot many indoor concerts, plays, robotics competitions and the like, most often with the 70-200/2.8. I did several with the RX10 and it did just fine. Noisier, but not too noisy (none of those would be photos I'd print wall size anyway). And at times, the extra reach was handy. But aside from the nagging feeling of "settling" for a smaller sensor, I just know I would not be happy with the camera body itself. I like to enjoy shooting with a camera.

I agree about the controls. I write that off to my neuropathy and not being able to feel the buttons very well on any camera. I just have to live with it.

Sorry to hear that. My gripes must seem trivial!

No worries. It was caused from chemotherapy treatments during most of 2016. The doctors told me what would happen before we started. They also said 93% of people recover within 18 months after final treatment. I was in that unlucky 7%. It's annoying, but the alternative to treatment was worse. I can't shoot with the smoothness and speed I used to, but I'm still taking pictures. Every day is a blessing.

I keep resisting the urge to buy another D500. I loved that camera.

I tried one once. If I planned to spend lots of time outdoors shooting wildlife/nature I'd have been tempted to get it. I did that many years ago (before our daughter was born) then got out of it. It reminded me a little of my last couple film cameras - the Maxxum 7 & 9. Just a joy to pick up, comfortable in your hand, confidence-inspiring.

If firmware achieves what I'm hoping for, I might be able to finish out life with that camera and my RX10 IV. I can't think of anything but another lens, or two, that would excite me spend more money from here on out.

That's a good place to be in. I'm content with my DSLR gear, knowing that I'll make a switch to mirrorless within a few years and that I'll likely be able to put together a kit like you describe - just enough and no more.

Nice chatting!

It's been my pleasure. BTW, I had a quick look at your smugmug postings. Very nice. I'm a fan of anything shot at Yellowstone. It's my favorite place I've been in the U.S. The far northeastern states are on my bucket list, but I can't imagine anything topping Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

- Dennis

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