Would you reject these challenge photos?

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Probably Knot, unless, . . . (+ a note on "myVotes)

BigBen08 wrote:

There is a challenge currently open for voting: Propeller Planes in Flight.

There are many very good submitted photos. But also many with one drawback - propellers that appear to be frozen, not spinning. Aviation photographers usually shoot at slow shutter speeds in order to capture prop blur. The propeller appears to be spinning and adds realism to the image. Of course photographing a flying propeller airplane at a slow shutter speed can be a challenge in itself. Panning has to be good or a soft image will result (been there, done that!).

So looking over the challenge photos I decided not to vote on any that have "frozen" propellers. These I reject.

But...isn't there more to a photo than prop blur? How about composition, or being able to capture a sense of drama in the sky. Or maybe the aircraft itself. Antique or WWII planes are fascinating. Or the post-processing that went into the photo. Doesn't all this count?

So, am I being too harsh in my judging? What's your opinion?

. . . "da plen, da plen ," can't make up its mind about its ID.

Propellered plane, or, propellered helicopter, or dragonfly.


Activity among veterans and proMember, is going off the tracks, so I'm encouraged to display some of myVotes, just in case inquiring minds want to wonder off and vote my dPR politics.

Here's my plan for the current ill-defined challenge.  Ill-defined because some voters will award a "0.5" because they can't tell the difference either.  Disclaimer; I have a week to change my mind.

So, how about it, Veteran Member, and Honorable OP; might you consider a challenge to discuss your voting style; I mean, we could use recognized, photo techniques, with illustrations?  Just to learn, a thing or two, cuz, we know a thing or two?


ps. I used the photo, taken from my house, on the day that seven (count them "7") American Beauties went by, originating 110 miles from my house.  I'm on a publicly advertised, planned military exercise route.  They drop two thousand feed as they cross the Jemez Mountains, thence down, into the Rio Chama Valley, sometimes in the middle of the night, and sometimes, coincidental to severe actions worldwide.


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