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hubcap91 wrote:

Hello everyone,

Firstly I'm sorry if this may be the wrong place to post this and I hope it can moved to the correct place if necessary - I'm new to this forum.

I'd like some input from anyone who is familiar with working and digitizing film. I recently came across several boxes with negatives and have started a project to digitize these and share them with family.

I'm using an Epson V600 scanner and SilverFast both of which have received very good reviews and have already scanned about 10 rolls of film.

While reviewing the negatives I noticed that many of them have scratches. This is quite unusual to me as I am very sure they have never been touched since they came out of the films labs and were wrapped in plastic sleeves since the 1980s.

Could someone please explain why there are scratches on negatives which I don't see on the enlarged paper prints?


I’ve noticed this from when I first started scanning film, visible scratches on the scans but none on the (labs) prints. I’ve never printed film but I understand it doesn’t appear on traditional prints because they use a diffuser in the enlarger which minimizes the effect of scratches. (Perhaps someone who’s done printing might know better ?)

In terms of scanning, you should be able to remove minor scratches on colour negatives using the Digital ICE in your V600 - see https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/65034341 and https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/65046653 for some samples with the V550 which is more or less the same scanner, and some other scanners.

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