I'm getting cold feet

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Re: I'm getting cold feet

Joe Bagadonuts wrote:

It’s a well known fact that you should buy a camera based on how good a photographer other strangers are in Internet forums. I for one think you’ve made an excellent decision.

I don't really care what other people's photos look like but when buying a camera it seems reasonable to check and see what results other's are getting.

I love photography but I've never considered myself more than an average photographer so seeing what a camera is capable of in the hands of other average photographers is a good thing for me to do.

The GRIII takes a big hit when it comes to JPEG images so it would be nice to see some out of the camera JPEGs just to see how bad or good they really are.

Another important thing to me is that if I'm paying close to a thousand dollars, or more with accessories, for a camera I'd like to have a camera that's more than a "one trick pony."

I know the GRIII is very good outdoors (at least the raw files) but how does it do indoors, in natural light or in the evenings with normal indoor incandescent lighting for family snapshots?
Answers to these type questions don't seem to be addressed on this forum. 99% of what I see are outdoor pictures (many of which have seriously blown highlights) and a bunch of dull lifeless or almost blacked out B&W images.

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