First "warning" from my HD backup

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Re: First "warning" from my HD backup

Austinian wrote:

ggeinec wrote:

Austinian wrote:

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My personal preference is to use multiple bare SATA desktop drives with a USB dock rather than purely-USB external drives, but that's just me.

Do you have an example (link) to the kind of USB dock you are using?

As best I recall, this is it.

Thanks for that. I'm curious how you handle and store your bare drives between making images, and do you have particular preferences for HDDs or do you just look for good deals?

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You're welcome. I use it for storing laptop drive images from Macrium Reflect Free. On the desktop, I just connect standard SATA cables to the desktop drives.

(I should add that I agree with a_c_skinner's post; I use only HDDs for backup.)

That is similar to what I do. I write and verify separate Macrium Reflect Home drive images of the Windows NVME drive to two data drives inside the desktop, one an NVME drive and the other an SATA WD Black HDD. Then I copy both of those images to two separate USB 2.5" WD external HDDs.

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