My take on the RF 800mm f/11 DO IS STM for birds

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Re: My take on the RF 800mm f/11 DO IS STM for birds

CameraCarl wrote:

This is a lens which is somewhat of a paradox to me. The value for the money seems amazing to me. But I am torn: should I make my next lens expenditure this 800mm and keep using my EF 100-400 IS II and 1.4x on my R5? Or sell the 100-400 and the 1.4x; buy a RF 100-500; and just crop when I need to? I do find it so much easier to acquire birds in flight with the zoom lens, and the ability to crop is the main reason I bought the R5 instead of the R6.... decisions....decisions.

As an owner of the 100-400L2 (but no extender), I had this conversation with a Canon rep at a store in Japan a few weeks ago. We concluded that I should get an EF 1.4x extender rather than the RF 600mm F11, but if I want an 800mm, I'd be better off buying an RF 800mm rather than an EF 2x extender. That said, he said he personally likes the 600mm better, as it is more compact, and less difficult to aim than the 800mm (this problem was mentioned elsewhere in the thread).

By the way, 100-500L was not among the rep's recommendations: he told me it is so scarce that even he has never tried one. He does get shipments from Canon, but he doesn't get to open any of them because they're all spoken for. Poor guy.

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