1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

Scott Vail wrote:

KE_DP wrote:

“It’s time to say goodbye to standalone licenses

Given the overwhelming popularity of 1Password memberships

I call BS. It's more like - "we decided to force everyone using our program to subscribe and start paying us every month for the rest of their life".

No thanks. The writing was on the wall however (with all this subscription scheme developing over the last few years).

I've had 1P since 2007 - if it stops working, I'll simply move on. Before 1P I was using a spreadsheet! Not as convenient as auto-fill - but it does the job and can be shared securely. Meanwhile, OS X Keychain does a pretty good job (my needs aren't that complex) - and I'm sure it will be a long time before 1P Version 7 standalone won't run at all any more.

I switched my online vault in 1P from Dropbox to iCloud some years ago - it works well. Of note 1P7 residing on my desktop does not depend on the cloud - that's only used to synchronize the vault data with other devices like phone, laptop, tablet etc. - a full up to date set of data resides on the local HDD - so if the internet goes does I still have access.

If it comes down to it - I will quit using 1P and move on. I will not be bullied into the "pay for life" scheme. They overestimate my dependency a great deal, and only generate ill will with this move, as far as I'm concerned.

I've always found it interesting that those who bother to complain about subscriptions use hyperbole like "force everyone" and "rest of their life" and "bullied" and such. I don't quite get the drama; why not just "I prefer another product"?

I had some doubts as to the value of the Agilebits subscription, and shopped an demo'd others, having used it since it started. But decided on getting the sub and have been very happy with it. I go either way on them just based on what fits, and don't see any bullying, forcing, coercing, or anything else. Geez, it's just a software program. And not unlike all the other subscriptions I have from software to media to services.

I too, agree with this. I'm still using 1Password 6, on a Mojave platform. Rather than upgrade to 1Password 7 where the subscription model was being heavily promoted (yet a perpetual license was available), I downloaded a copy of Secrets anticipating AgileBits would eventually eliminate the perpetual license model.

Secrets is hardly as robust as 1Password, but it's gets the job done and without the "pay for life" subscription. I have no issues with paying for version upgrades, when/if new features and compatibility are distributed. I see that as a loyalty agreement between myself and the developers. The subscription model, in my opinion, alleviates developers of releasing enhancements that make upgrades attractive enough for the customer to upgrade

Actually, if you read about them from the developers' point of view it's the opposite. This is one of the better explanations, for Ulysses: https://blog.ulysses.app/why-were-switching-ulysses-to-subscription/

The gist is, in part, this:

The “pay upfront” fallacy

Interestingly enough, the way we pay for software hasn’t caught up to that rather drastic change in development yet. We still pay for the product at the time of its release, meaning we’re still paying for its past development cost. However, we now expect the product to magically evolve over time, via downloadable updates, without a need to constantly pay for new versions.

For some reason, this model has gained a popular label which can only be seen as a major fallacy: Paid upfront. No, it isn’t. It never was. We still only pay for the version at time of release; apps don’t spring into existence, after all. If anything, this model is “pay once”.

I tend to believe in capitalism, and the market. And in the case of subscription payment for software vs perpetual licenses it seems that both buyer and seller have achieved gains, as one would expect if a model were successful. Predictions that Adobe would stop improving their photo apps proved to be far, far off the mark, and consumers and sellers even benefit from less uncertainty and friction in the sales themselves. Probably why, in part, Ps is so much cheaper than before.

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