Less Dynamic Range When You Shoot FF Camera in Super-35 Mode?

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Re: Less Dynamic Range When You Shoot FF Camera in Super-35 Mode?

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These conversations always descend into a bun fight. I'm pretty sure it's because of one very important assumption about what "use crop mode" means (or "super-35 mode" to use the OP's phrasing) .

For those, like me, who say it makes no difference to DR, we stand in the same place when we take the crop shot as we did when we took the FF shot. Our image is literally a crop from the middle of the original full frame. DR is the same.

For others, who say DR is reduced, I think they assume we back off some distance to include the exact same FoV in the crop view as we had for the FF shot. In that case, there are fewer pixels covering the same scene, so overall DR does drop in that definition.

In summary.

Stand still - crop shot has same DR as the same (smaller) area cropped from the FF shot

Move back and reframe the same - crop shot has lower overall DR than the FF shot


The dynamic range is obviously the same over the entire image sensor.

Nope, the dr is the cumulative of the entire surface area, smaller sensors, ie aps crop mode in this case, have less dr period! As soon as you use crop mode you throw dr/noise/snr/bit depth away, lost forever 👍

Well - the APS-C image sensor also has the same dynamic range over the entire area.

Your answer seems to indicate that the dynamic range of the image sensor suddenly changes in the cropped area. It does not.

Images (assuming the same field of view) from smaller image sensors must be magnified more for a given final image size. That is the key...

Is it that? (He asks, expecting a ton of incoming opprobrium for trying to be helpful ).

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