A change from Alien Bee's

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Re: A change from Alien Bee's

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Mads Bjerke wrote:

I use and love the Elinchrom ELB 500 pack and heads. One pack feeds two heads up to 500 watts each and are fully asynchronous (the two heads can be set fully independently).

Is that right? I thought it was 500Ws split across the two heads.

I use these both in studio and on location and the recycle time is very fast.
Full TTL is also available.

This is a pro grade kit and will stand up to some pretty hard use.
One big advantage here is that the heads are tiny and very light so much easier to handle high up on a stand or a boom. Your assistant will thank you.

Here in the UK the two head kit costs £1749.00.

I had a couple of the original Quadra packs. I found the tiny heads a PITA.  To use any decent modifiers you had to use the adapter for the standard Elinchrom EL mount modifiers. Has that changed now?

Not the good value it used to be. The AD1200Pro is £1475 and lets you split 1200Ws across two heads.

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