1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

KE_DP wrote:

“It’s time to say goodbye to standalone licenses

Given the overwhelming popularity of 1Password memberships

I call BS. It's more like - "we decided to force everyone using our program to subscribe and start paying us every month for the rest of their life".

No thanks. The writing was on the wall however (with all this subscription scheme developing over the last few years).

I've had 1P since 2007 - if it stops working, I'll simply move on. Before 1P I was using a spreadsheet! Not as convenient as auto-fill - but it does the job and can be shared securely. Meanwhile, OS X Keychain does a pretty good job (my needs aren't that complex) - and I'm sure it will be a long time before 1P Version 7 standalone won't run at all any more.

I switched my online vault in 1P from Dropbox to iCloud some years ago - it works well. Of note 1P7 residing on my desktop does not depend on the cloud - that's only used to synchronize the vault data with other devices like phone, laptop, tablet etc. - a full up to date set of data resides on the local HDD - so if the internet goes does I still have access.

If it comes down to it - I will quit using 1P and move on. I will not be bullied into the "pay for life" scheme. They overestimate my dependency a great deal, and only generate ill will with this move, as far as I'm concerned.

I too, agree with this.  I'm still using 1Password 6, on a Mojave platform.  Rather than upgrade to 1Password 7 where the subscription model was being heavily promoted (yet a perpetual license was available), I downloaded a copy of Secrets anticipating AgileBits would eventually eliminate the perpetual license model.

Secrets is hardly as robust as 1Password, but it's gets the job done and without the "pay for life" subscription.  I have no issues with paying for version upgrades, when/if new features and compatibility are distributed.  I see that as a loyalty agreement between myself and the developers.  The subscription model, in my opinion, alleviates developers of releasing enhancements that make upgrades attractive enough for the customer to upgrade

Although my intent isn't a promotion for Secrets, it is the password manager that meets my basic needs and primarily what I rely upon.  1Password is the mechanism used to keep my mobile devices current by way of local wifi sync.  Yes, i maintain two password databases, but once established, there isn't a great deal of effort to maintain currency.  An IOS version of Secrets is available, but doesn't support local wifi sync.

I don't believe that 1Password 6 will be functional beyond Mojave, so I was hoping this forum thread would reveal more alternatives.  Keychain is an obvious contender and I do use it on a very limited <local> basis.  Password management isn't alone in my endeavor to avoid the subscription model.  The concept, in my view, is a benefit to the company -- not the end user.


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