Voigtlander vs Zeiss

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Re: Voigtlander vs Zeiss

pluton wrote:

I can vouch for the ZF/Milvus 50/2, but have no experience with the other lenses mentioned..

Most 50mm f/2 (or f/1.8) lenses have been OK optically, but not amazing. Typically, soft/borderline unusable wide open, pretty good, but not great, at f/8.

In most manufacturers lineups, they are budget lenses...---"poverty spec"--- to allow the kids/students/first time buyers to get into photography at the lowest possible expense.

The Zeiss 50/2 isn't one of those. IMO it's one of the best 50/2 lens ever made outside of the Leica M world....and that's at infinity and "normal" object distances. The fact that it also focuses really close (1:2)---while maintaining most of that image quality---makes it even more attractive.--

I on the other hand can only vouch for the Voigtlander 58/1.4 SL II, on my D600, D7500, and my other Nikon cameras (including Nikon 1).

In short, a delight, with no bad sides of any kind.
I kind of like the 20/3.5 SL II, too, but it definitely has a few optical flaws. Only use it on FX if the background is jet black, say in the jungle at night, with only something lit in the foreground, say a face, or similar. Not made anymore, but often for sale on the net.

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