PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

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anware wrote:

Once you've removed the complexity of designing, manufacturing, assembling and aligning the mechanics of a mirror box mechanism, focus screen and pentaprism, the real question is - just why are mirrorless cameras so expensive?

You may be discounting the biggest cost; the human factor of paying the talent necessary to develop the processors, improve sensors, write the firmware, develop algorithms, etc. All manufacturers seem to be finding regions with inexpensive labor to manufacture and assemble parts in both DSLR and MILC, but you can’t put the engineering out to cheapest bid. How many years and hours of intellectual labor went into this new camera? 
Conversely, one could see the real question as: why are DSLR still so expensive as we are basically tweaking designs and assembly procedures which have been in common use since the 1950’s? Every SLR/DSLR ever made has required aligning of mirror box, focus screen, and pentaprism.

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