Z9, what would it take for u to buy?

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chambeshi wrote:

Judging from the official image Nikon posted in March, this is a MILC that is more than a D6.

Thankfully, the Z9 has the larger chunky frame and integrated grip.

Obviously this camera is not for many photographers. However, it is worth reading this summary carefully, and consider the implications:

" Z9 — As I've said pretty much from the beginning: a 45mp powerhouse all-around camera designed to supplant the D6. Why did I lock in on the 45mp resolution? Because of Nikon's continued use of a particular sized photo diode over time (D850, Z7, Z7 II) coupled with the apparent switch of that technology over to Tower Semiconductor. The only question I've had is what's in the stacked layer of this new sensor: is it just DRAM/output, or is it DRAM/processing/output? The latter would allow the expanded DR Nikon demonstrated in a 1" chip in January. We also don't know if this sensor can go completely global shutter or is just fast rolling shutter ala the Sony A1/A9. But it's clear that it can run at 30 fps full frame, provide 8K video, and drive the EVF without blackout, so it has to be one or the other stacking approach. The focus system is completely rewritten and object aware. The menus get a refresh. The rest is what you'd expect from a D6. Launch in November, dependent upon final testing. "

Most of these specs are in it to meet the 45mp, high fps, which Nikon executives have stated outperforms the D6

Thanks for pointing out Thom's musings.  Yes, the sensor abilities described here around expanded DR could potentially push me over the edge as opposed to waiting for a Z90.  As someone else pointed out the DR of a D4 combined with the resolution of a D850 would be pretty amazing,

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