Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

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Re: Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

Dennis wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

What makes one buyer happy upsets another.

Yes! I think that's what 90% of the complaints are about. Not that the Canon/Nikon/Sony BR549 really "sucks", but that it isn't what I wanted them to make for *ME*

I love the Z7 II. Combined with the 24-200, it often works great. If I can sacrifice even more, and still get the quality images I want, I'll grab my Sony RX 10 IV. With just a 1 inch sensor, it's certainly not a replacement for the Z7 II, but it's an amazing camera and lens that will surprise many with its image quality within certain constraints. It continues to be about compromises and choices. It's unavoidable.

I have the III. Picked it up as an open box special at Best Buy a couple years ago for a song. (I also have an original RX100 model I so am familiar with the 1" sensor IQ). The biggest knock against the III is that the AF at the long end is really quirky. It's slow and hunts a lot. The IV I tried was one of the fastest focusing cameras I've ever used! I could be pretty happy with mostly ergonomic upgrades:

- bigger, higher res EVF
- easier to "grip" control dials - everything feels "slippery" on the camera to me - dials are too flush with the surface - I go to change a setting and have to hunt for the button/dial.

Basically, put it in a Nikon-designed body and it would be brilliant.

Anyway, short term, I figure I'll pick up something like a z50 (still considering dark horse candidates like X100V or even E-M5 III with 12-45/4) to just grab & go. Long term, I figure I'll probably upgrade my D7500 kit to a Z FF (I already have an 85/1.8, 70-200/2.8 VR II and Sigma 100-400 to get me started with an FTZ). I expect that the 24-200 and upcoming compact 40 would be my two workhorse lenses. But I'm not in a hurry to do anything on that front. Every time I take the D7500 out, I enjoy it; I just need something smaller for times I don't want to take the D7500 out.

- Dennis

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I had the RX10 III before the IV. A lot of people complained of the focus on the long end. That wasn't my chief complaint. The focus on a moving subject was abysmal. I ordered the IV the moment orders were accepted. True to their promise, Sony nailed it. Its focus is outstanding.

I agree about the controls. I write that off to my neuropathy and not being able to feel the buttons very well on any camera. I just have to live with it. I'm glad for improvements in buttons for what other photographers benefit.

I keep resisting the urge to buy another D500. I loved that camera. Its AF is superior to the Z cameras in some cases. I've gotten used to the crop capability of the Z7 series, so the crop of the D500 (DX cameras in general) doesn't gain me so much. I'm going to give Nikon some time to see what they can do for the AF on the Z7 II. If firmware achieves what I'm hoping for, I might be able to finish out life with that camera and my RX10 IV. I can't think of  anything but another lens, or two, that would excite me spend more money from here on out.

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